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Which event led to the end of monarchy in France?

Declaration of the Rights of Man

What were the central ideas of a new age that emerged from the French Revolution?

Liberty, freedom, and equality

Which country experienced dramatic events that forced Tsar Nicholas II to give up power?


What ideas were produced by the anti-colonial movements in India, China, Africa, and South America?

Innovative and original language of politics

What theme did the Russian Revolution seek to change?

Economic equality and well-being of workers and peasants

What was the primary focus of the new Soviet government's initiatives?

Industrialization and mechanization of agriculture

In which chapter will you read about the rise of Hitler and the politics of Nazism?

Chapter III: Germany

What was the significance of storming the Bastille in the French Revolution?

Releasing prisoners and acquiring ammunition

Which events were discussed in Section I of the text?

The French Revolution, Russian Revolution, and rise of Nazism

What did the history of the modern world entail, according to the text?

A combination of unfolding freedom and democracy, and violence and tyranny

Test your knowledge about the events and processes of the French Revolution in Chapter I. Explore the end of monarchy in France, the emergence of a new system of governance, and the Declaration of the Rights of Man.

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