German Football World Cup Performances Quiz



3 Questions

Warum hat die deutsche Mannschaft bei den letzten Weltmeisterschaften schlecht abgeschnitten?

Was muss die deutsche Fussballföderation jetzt tun?

Welche Position nimmt Deutschland in der Welt des Fussballs heute ein?


  • Germany has been a world champion in football, but has now been reduced to a small player in the sport.
  • The two previous World Cup elimination tournaments for the German team were due to poor performances in the opening games.
  • Germany has been unable to overcome weaker teams in recent tournaments.
  • The German team has been hindered by injuries in recent tournaments.
  • The German football federation must now focus on rebuilding the team and ensuring that it can compete with more limited teams in the future.


Test your knowledge on the recent World Cup performances of the German football team, including their challenges and the way forward.

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