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What distinguishes a socialist state from a liberal state in terms of economic system?

Socialist state rejects capitalism

Which form of state is characterized by the King being bound by the Constitution and respecting the same law as the rest of the population?

Constitutional monarchy

Which type of state is primarily based on the people’s sovereignty and universal suffrage?

Democratic and Social State

What is the defining feature of a constitutional monarchy compared to a republic?

The King acts as a non-party political head of the state

In an authoritarian state, what aspect differentiates it from a totalitarian regime?

Respect for property rights

What aspect characterizes a liberal state compared to a socialist state regarding property rights?

Abolition of right of property

What is the form of state in which the king holds all the power and is considered as the state itself?

Patrimonial state

During which period did the idea that the king was chosen by God consolidate?

Absolute State (17th century)

In a patrimonial state, who has absolute power over both the land and the people inhabiting it?


Which form of state resulted from the dismemberment of the West Roman Empire?

Feudal society

In which form of state does the king need to reform the state to gain absolute control?

Patrimonial state

Which form of state is characterized by the king holding all the power and saying 'L’etat c’est moi' (I am the state)?

Patrimonial state

What was a key characteristic of the liberal state that emerged in the 18th-19th century?

It introduced the separation of powers and recognized individual rights

Which of the following is true about representative democracy as it began to spread during the liberal state era?

The concept was that people gathered in parliament represented the will of the people

How did the role of the king change under enlightened absolutism compared to earlier patrimonial states?

The king became subject to the laws of the state

Which statement best describes the authoritarian/totalitarian state of the 20th century?

The state regulated most aspects of citizens' lives and limited freedoms

What concept was introduced in the liberal state that limited the powers of the government?

Rule of law

Which system was an exception to the consolidation of enlightened absolutism in Europe?

Great Britain

Test your knowledge on the different forms of the state and historical evolution of state organization, including feudal society. Explore how sovereignty, people, and territory are structured within a state.

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