Forms of State and Government

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Which feature of a State determines its independence from any other legitimacy or source of power?


In a feudal state, how is the political power distributed?

Political power is scattered and fragmented among various local authorities

What is the main characteristic of absolutism in a State?

Monarch having absolute power over people and territory

Which form of State has no clear distinction between public and private law?

Feudal state

What is the characteristic of territoriality in a State?

Territorial rules should be targeted to the interests of the community

What feature of a State refers to the binding legislation issued by a State overriding any other rule taken by anyone else?


Which form of State exercises repressive control of political, economic, and social life by means of the police?

Authoritarian State

During which historical period did the middle class rise to power, leading to the establishment of the Modern State?

End of the 18th century

Which State is based on the Marxist-Leninist doctrine and involves the State ownership of the means of production?

Socialist State

In which form of State does public authorities promote citizens’ well-being through a widespread participation in economic and social activities and social protection?

Welfare State

Which form of State involves an arbitrary exercise of power by means of the police rather than the regular operation of administrative and judicial procedures?

Police State

Upon whom are the principles of formal equality and duty to protect fundamental rights and freedoms based in the Modern State?

Consent of citizens

'The community as politically unable to govern itself' is an important characteristic of which form of State?

Authoritarian State

'The duty to take care of citizens’ individual wealth and welfare' is a feature associated with which form of State?

Modern State

Test your knowledge of the main features that determine the existence of a State from a legal point of view, including independence, pre-eminence, and territoriality. Explore the general aims pursued by the State and its impact on the community.

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