Forms of Scientific Research in Artistic Humanities

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What is the primary focus of a longitudinal design?

Following a group of people over a long period of time

Which type of study involves immersing the researcher in the culture of the subjects?

Ethnographic study

What characterizes qualitative research in terms of data gathering?

Continuous collection of data until saturation

What is the main objective of a historical study?

To identify, locate, and synthesize past events

Which design combines a cohort of cross-sectional studies carried out in stages?

Sequential design

What is the key feature of mixed-method design?

Combining qualitative and quantitative research methods

What is the main focus of action research?

Identifying and implementing solutions

Which research design aims to establish a cause and effect relationship?

Experimental design

What type of questions does descriptive research aim to answer?

Who and what

What distinguishes experimental research design?

Manipulates variables for effects

Which research design focuses on topics with little or no previous studies?

Exploratory design

What is the key feature of cohort research design?

Identifies a group with common characteristics

Explore the different forms of research in the artistic humanities, such as generating new knowledge, seeking to explain phenomena, and defining concepts. Learn about research designs like action research that follow cyclical processes.

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