Forces and Future of Human-Computer Interaction

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How many items of information can humans usually handle in Short Term Memory (STM)?

7 items (±2, or 5-9)

What does it mean that humans can handle about 7 items of information in Short Term Memory (STM)?

Having more choices imposes a greater burden on the user's ability to process information.

How do humans recall things from Short Term Memory (STM)?


What are the 7 stages of action according to the text?

Forming a goal, Forming the intention, Specifying an action, Executing the action, Perceiving the state of the world, Interpreting the state of the world, Evaluating the outcome

How do humans form a goal according to the text?

By asking 'What do I want?'

Explore the forces shaping the field of Human-Computer Interaction, including decreasing hardware costs, miniaturization, reduction in power requirements, specialized hardware, and network communication. Dive into the future of HCI with discussions on increasing computer usage and innovation in input techniques.

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