Forces and Elasticity Quiz

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What property tends to return a body to its original shape and size after the deforming force is removed?

In an inelastic collision, what happens to energy?

Which law states that the extension of a spring is directly proportional to the force applied?

What happens if a body is distorted beyond its elastic limit?

What type of force acts in the direction opposite to the displacement of an oscillating body?

What is the surgical procedure for removal of the gallbladder?

Which condition involves the formation of calculi in the common bile duct?

Which surgical procedure involves creating an opening into the gallbladder for drainage?

What may cause extrahepatic biliary tract obstruction (EHBO)?


Test your knowledge of forces and elasticity with this quiz. Explore how bodies respond to different types of forces and understand the concept of elasticity, including Hooke's law.

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