Food Marketing and Consumer Behavior Chapter 4 Quiz

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What are the different decision-making roles in a family according to the text?

What are the two types of sources for information search mentioned in the text?

What is the aim of the evaluation procedure for alternatives according to the text?

What are the five steps involved in determining preference score for alternatives?

What are the potential marketing actions for modifying or influencing buyer decisions mentioned in the text?

What are the 7 O's of consumer behaviour/research?

What are the stages in the Buying Decision Process?

What is the definition of Consumer Behaviour?

What are the components of the Model of Buyer Behaviour?

What are the three types of consumer behavior discussed in the text?

What are the four factors influencing consumer decision-making according to the text?

What are the three components of social class mentioned in the text?


Test your knowledge of consumer behavior in the context of food marketing with this quiz on Chapter 4. Explore concepts such as the buying behavior of the target market and the 7 O’s of consumer behavior.

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