Flowers for Algernon: Story and Adaptations

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When was the short story 'Flowers for Algernon' first published?

What award did the short story 'Flowers for Algernon' win in 1960?

Who is the first human subject for the surgery to increase intelligence in 'Flowers for Algernon'?

'Flowers for Algernon' was joint winner of which award in 1966?

'Flowers for Algernon' has been adapted many times. Which one of these adaptations is mentioned in the text?

Which term is used to refer to novels that intersperse documents of other kinds with letters, such as diary entries and newspaper clippings?

What does the word 'epistolary' mean in Greek?

What strategic device is used in the epistolary novel to create the impression of authenticity of the letters?

What can the epistolary form be seen as adding to a story?

'Briefroman' is a term used in which language to refer to epistolary fiction?


Test your knowledge of 'Flowers for Algernon' - the short story, novel, and its adaptations into film and other media. Explore its themes, characters, and the author's influence in this thought-provoking quiz.

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