Five-Year Plans in India

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What is the purpose of the five-year plans?

To make plans for income and expenditure for the next five years in the context of economic development.

Who is responsible for the task of creating the plans?

The Planning Commission

What is the first five-year plan's duration?

The first five-year plan's duration was five years.

What is the significance of the five-year plans?

The plans aim to boost economic development over a five-year period.

When was the beginning of the first five-year plan in India?


What was the duration of the first five-year plan?

5 years

What was the main objective of the first five-year plan?

To develop the agricultural sector

What sectors received investments during the first five-year plan?

Irrigation and land improvement

This quiz tests your knowledge about the concept of Five-Year Plans in India, focusing on the planning for economic development over a period of five years. Learn about the objectives, authorities, and durations of the Five-Year Plans.

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