FirstFlight Chapter Quiz: Apology Letter Analysis

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Why is the writer apologizing to the reader?

For not writing to the reader for a long time

What was introduced to the students as part of the activities related to the story?

How to send money using a money order

What specific grammar area was explained to the students?

Non-defining relative clauses and the use of negatives for emphasis

What did the writer provide as reading comprehension checks?

Holistic understanding checks

What activity was provided to strengthen students' grasp of specific vocabulary?

Interesting exercises related to vocabulary

What did the writer do to help students identify metaphors in the text?

Provided clues to identify metaphors

Which type of clause is used in the examples provided in the text?

Non-defining relative clause

What does the 'dust of snow' symbolize in the poem?


Why does the poet choose to write about a crow and a hemlock tree in the poem?

To convey a deeper message through simple elements

What is the significance of the hemlock tree in the poem?

It represents danger and death

In what way does the dust of snow impact the poet's day?

It changes his mood positively

How does Robert Frost use nature to convey a message in the poem?

By illustrating small moments of joy and change

Who has just started going to school?


Where is 'Little Feet' located?

At the new address

Who is writing the letter?


What is the weather like outside?


What is the purpose of asking students to share their ideas before reading?

To gather predictions about the story

What activity could students volunteer for according to the text?

Sending a money order

Test your understanding of the apology letter in the FirstFlight chapter. Questions cover the sender and receiver, reasons for delay, and key events mentioned. Get ready to dissect the writer's words!

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