Firefighter Training Topics

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What does the Training Division do after Fire Administration notifies them of accepted applications?

Mail the applications to the National Fire Academy

What is the purpose of the minimum training requirements for CCFD personnel?

To ensure all personnel meet minimum qualifications set by Federal, State, and Local requirements

Who pays for the meal ticket required during the stay at Emmitsburg, Maryland?

Clark County

How soon after returning from the National Fire Academy are personnel reimbursed for their airfare?

8-12 weeks

When are personnel attending the National Fire Academy required to come to Training?

One working period or day before and after returning

Is there any specified information or attachments provided along with this training requirement procedure?

No, there are no attachments or references provided

What is the date of the document titled 'Tool Reimbursement'?

January 16, 2018

When was 'Initial Operations after a Disaster' last updated?

June 24, 2010

Which document relates to 'Knox Secure Entry System'?

100.21...Knox Secure Entry System

What is the purpose of 'Property Use Agreement for Non-Destructive, Destructive, and Live Fire Training'?

Training roof prop

Which document is associated with 'Information Technology (IT) Service Requests'?

100.27...Information Technology (IT) Service Requests

'Warehouse Equipment/Supply Ordering' was issued in which year?


What is the minimum number of hours every two years an EMT must obtain for the Southern Nevada Health District approved continuing medical education requirement?

24 hours

How many hours every two years does an AEMT need to obtain for the Southern Nevada Health District approved continuing medical education requirement?

36 hours

What kind of card must all EMTs maintain?

AHA Healthcare Provider Card

How many hours every two years must a NREMT medic complete for recertification?

40 hours

Where can one find the dates and required courses for EMS training needed for recertification?

CCFD EMS Training Calendar and online training schedule

What is the purpose of the EMS training dates and courses provided by CCFD?

To meet both Southern Nevada Health District and NREMT recertification requirements

What is the responsibility of all CCFD Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers according to the text?

To follow procedures outlined in NRS 432B.630

What action should a CCFD employee who is not certified as a CCFD Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) take when encountering an abandoned newborn child?

Contact the nearest CCFD EMS provider and inform their respective Supervisor

What is presumed if the alleged parent allows a CCFD EMS provider to take possession of an abandoned child?

The alleged parent has abandoned the child

What does it mean if an alleged parent declines to provide an address to the CCFD EMS provider?

They waive any right to be informed about a hearing

Who shall enter training activities using appropriate codes according to the text?

Training Center staff members

What is the policy of CCFD regarding abandoned newborn children?

To protect and maintain their physical health and safety

Which training topic is specified to have a maximum of four documented hours per month?

Firefighter Safety & Orientation

Which training topic requires compliance with the NFPA Standard 1403 during live-fire training?

Salvage and Overhaul

Under what conditions can the 16-hour standard for training be reduced according to the text?

For not working a full shift due to various reasons

Who is required to supervise and serve as the Incident Commander at all live-fire burn sites based on the text?

Battalion Chiefs

Which type of training is excluded from the categories accepted by the CCFD training standards as mentioned in the text?


What must live-fire training utilize according to the text?

The CCFD Burn Plan

Explore various training topics accepted by the CCFD training standards, excluding specialty training like TRT, Hazmat, and ARFF. Topics include operating fire pumps, hydraulics, drafting, foam applications, ventilation, salvage, overhaul, and more.

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