Firearm Handling Training Lesson

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What is the function of the trigger guard?

Protects the trigger from damage and accidental discharge

Where is the cross-bolt safety located?

Rear portion of the trigger guard

What is the role of the spring in a firearm?

Prevents contact between firing pin and primer

Where is the ejector located in a firearm?

Left inside portion of the receiver

When is the weapon considered 'on safe'?

Cross-bolt safety protruding right of trigger guard

What is the purpose of the action bar lock in a firearm?

Locks the action closed

What does recoil refer to in a firearm?

Movement of a firearm after firing

In terms of breath control, why is it less critical for a shotgun compared to a rifle or pistol?

Shotguns fire multiple projectiles

What does sight alignment refer to for a shotgun?

Centering the front sight on top of the rear sight

What is the recommended point of aim with a shotgun?

At the target's lower extremities

What is trigger control in relation to firing a shotgun?

Applying slow, continuous rearward pressure

When using a shotgun, what should a shooter avoid disturbing when applying trigger control?

Sight alignment and point of aim

What should the shooter do to operate the safety?

Reach over the stock

When does pulling the trigger release the action?

Only on a safe and clear weapon

What is a stoppage in relation to weapons?

An unintentional interruption of the cycle of operation

What is a squib load?

A shell with reduced recoil and sound

How should a shooter clear a jam in an emergency situation?

Keep the muzzle above your head and strike the butt on a solid surface

Test your knowledge on firearm handling training, including concepts such as recoil, breath control, and sight alignment as described in the lesson procedure. Learn about the principles behind firearm safety and accuracy.

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