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Before i decided what college i wanted to go to i wanted to be a ______ when i decided not to do that i applied to schools for a linguistics major

If i hadn't chosen either of those paths i might have gone to community college and transferred to a four-year school later there are no wrong choices but there are a lot of choices and that can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the ______ for you

It starts with picking an institution that's truly committed to supporting your success as a ______

That includes helping students get good grades but it's also about offering programs and resources that empower you to excel inside and outside of the ______

As college students we want to be somewhere that prioritizes our success that means finding a place that will support us from ______ to finish and that support.


Choosing the Right College Path Quiz: Feeling overwhelmed with all the choices when it comes to selecting your college path? Take this quiz to gain clarity and discover the best options for your future. Explore different majors, transfer opportunities, and find the right fit for your educational journey.

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