Finance Quiz: Investment Terminology

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What is the term used to describe the highest price a buyer is willing to pay for a share of stock?

Which term refers to the lowest price that a seller is willing to offer for sale for a share of stock?

What type of companies are able to meet stringent listing and reportorial requirements and have shares traded in the Philippine Stock Exchange?

What does the abbreviation IPO stand for in the context of raising capital by offering shares to the public?

Which term describes a process where a privately held corporation sells its shares for the first time to raise capital?

What is a group of investments called?

In which market are newly issued securities sold by their issuers?

Which theory relates risk and expected return of investments in a capital market?

What is a mathematical formulation that aims for lower risk through diversification?

Which type of asset has returns with zero variance?

In which market do security prices rapidly reflect all available information?


Test your knowledge of investment terminology with this multiple-choice quiz. Shade the box corresponding to the correct answer using a pencil No. 2 and no erasures are allowed. Questions cover topics like portfolio, market portfolio, risk-free assets, and the primary market.

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