Finance Chapter One 2023/2024 Lecture 1 Quiz

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20 Questions

What is the main responsibility of the financial system?

In small firms, who typically performs the finance function?

What does financial management primarily involve?

Which department is responsible for cash management and credit management in large firms?

What is the main focus of financial services?

What is the meaning of finance?

At what levels can the finance function be exercised?

What does the finance function at the individual level involve?

What is financial management concerned with?

What is one aspect related to the study of finance?

What is the primary responsibility of financial managers in both private and public businesses?

What are the main activities included in the role of the financial manager?

According to the text, what is one of the primary functions of financial managers in small firms?

What are the key elements included in the financial activities of financial managers?

In addition to ongoing involvement in financial analysis and planning, what are the primary activities of the financial manager according to the text?

What is the primary activity of the financial manager according to the second view or perspective of financial decisions?

According to the main principles of finance, what does the statement 'money has a time value' mean?

What is the risk-return tradeoff principle in finance?

In financial terms, what is the difference between profit and cash flow?

What does the efficiency of the market principle state?


Test your understanding of the foundational concepts presented in the first lecture of finance chapter one. Explore the meaning of finance, financial management, organizational level of the finance function, and objectives of financial management.

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