Finance and Investment Weekly Live Sessions

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What is the focus of the weekly live sessions?

Why is the last class at Dartmouth important for Muj?

What will Muj receive in December to help them prepare for the Prosod exam?

Where will the session be conducted?

What topics will be covered in the sessions?

What has Muj been actively participating in?

What does eSaral offer for Class 12th Chemistry preparation?

Which competitive exams are the eSaral notes useful for?

What additional study materials does eSaral provide?

What can students access by downloading the eSaral app?


  • Muj is planning to attend the last class at Dartmouth and is excited about it.
  • This last class is important because it is the last class before the last brother in their family graduates.
  • Muj learned key concepts in Mol Kapecenpt and Basd Timer in the first live session.
  • They will have proper topic lectures and Vili Gait Dem Topy Vij and Solving in the subsequent lectures.
  • Muj has prepared a store sheet and a checklist of the stocks to keep track of.
  • They aim to make progress and will receive a proper track in December.
  • A proper track will help them to understand how to prepare for the Prosod exam.
  • In the weekly live sessions, they will have detailed discussions and Q&A sessions.
  • The focus will be on understanding the basic concepts thoroughly.
  • Muj encourages everyone to ask questions and clarify their doubts.
  • The session will be conducted on the Zoom platform.
  • It is important to attend all the sessions and be active in the discussions.
  • The sessions will cover topics such as Stochastic Processes, Probability distributions, and Newz 2023.
  • Muj is a student who is passionate about finance and investment.
  • They have been attending the live sessions regularly and have been actively participating in the discussions.
  • They have prepared a checklist of the stocks they will be tracking and have made their own analysis.
  • They are looking forward to the upcoming classes and are excited about the prospect of learning more about finance and investment.
  • Muj believes that asking questions and clarifying doubts is an essential part of learning.
  • They encourage everyone to take an active interest in the sessions and to ask questions whenever they have doubts.
  • The sessions will be conducted in the English language.
  • Muj is committed to making the most of the opportunity to learn and grow in the field of finance and investment.


Join the weekly live sessions to understand key concepts in finance and investment, such as Stochastic Processes, Probability distributions, and Newz 2023. The sessions will include detailed discussions, Q&A, and opportunities to clarify doubts. Active participation is encouraged to make the most of this learning opportunity.

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