Filipino Literary Awards Comparison

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What is the National Artist Award recognized for?

Achievements in literature

During the Spanish period, what alphabet replaced Alibata?

Roman alphabet

Who founded the Carlos Palanca Award in 1950?

Don Carlos Palanca Jr.

Which literary figure was associated with the Propaganda Movement?

Jose Rizal

What was a common form of literary expression during the Enlightenment period?

Folk songs

Which literary award is known as the springboard for promising Filipino writers?

Carlos Palanca Award

During the Japanese Period in Philippine literature, what type of poems were commonly written?

Haiku and Tanaga

In the Rebirth of Freedom period, what became popular in literary writing?

Literary writing in vernacular

Which literary period in the Philippines saw a significant demand for government change from the youth?

Period of New Activism

What characterized the literary writing during the Japanese Period in Philippine literature?

Themes of Japanese brutality and guerilla exploits

Which award recognizes excellence in literature annually during the Period of New Society?

Carlos Palanca Awards

'Post EDSA 1 Revolution' in Philippine literature refers to a period marked by:

People Power Revolution prevailing

Explore the distinctions between the National Artist Award and the Carlos Palanca Award in the field of Filipino literature. Learn about the criteria, history, and significance of these prestigious literary honors.

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