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What is a database?

A collection of data organized for easy access and retrieval

How are data and information related?

Data is processed into information by computers

What is data integrity?

The correctness of data

What are the qualities of valuable information?

Accurate, verifiable, timely, organized

What is a hierarchy in the context of data?

A system where files contain records that contain fields

What is a field in the context of data management?

A part of a record that holds a specific piece of information

What does the field size define in a database?

The maximum number of characters a field can contain

Which data type is used for storing month, day, year, and sometimes time information?


What is the purpose of a primary key in a database record?

To uniquely identify each record

Which data type is used for storing only the values Yes or No?


What is the smallest unit of data a user accesses in a database?


Which data type is used for storing Web addresses that link to documents or web pages?


What is file maintenance?

Adding new records to a database

Why do you change records according to the text?

To correct inaccurate data or update old data

What is validation in the context of data management?

Applying rules to identify incorrect data

What does a Completeness Check do?

Ensures that a required field contains data

Why are Check Digits used in databases?

To verify the correctness of primary key values

What is the purpose of Range Check in data management?

Ensuring numbers are within specified limits

What is the main responsibility of a database analyst?

Deciding proper placement of fields

Which of the following is NOT a recommended practice for designing records and fields in a database?

Creating fields for information derived from entries in other fields

What is a key responsibility of a database administrator?

Monitoring database performance

Which field should be used to uniquely identify each record in a table?

Primary key

What should database administrators manage to ensure database security?

Access privileges

What is a query?

Request for specific data from a database

What is the purpose of a form in a database system?

To provide areas for entering or changing data

What does a report generator do?

Designs a report on screen, retrieves data, and displays or prints reports

What is data security in a database system?

A means to ensure only authorized users can access data

Which activity can a user with read-only privileges perform in a DBMS?

View data but cannot change it

What is the purpose of backup and log in database management?

To safeguard against data loss by creating copies of data

Test your knowledge on file maintenance procedures including adding, changing, and deleting records to keep data current and accurate.

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