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You are installing a fiber-optic cable between two buildings. To install the cable, you must run it through a conduit between the buildings, and access to the conduit is not easy. Before you run the cable, you want to ensure that it’s working properly. Which tool should you use?

Cable tester

Which TCP/IP protocol, designed to download email, allows for multiple clients to be simultaneously connected to the same mailbox?


You are using your laptop on the company network. In your web browser, you type www.google.com and press Enter. The computer will not find Google. You open the browser on your phone, and using your cellular connection, you can open Google without a problem. Your laptop finds internal servers and can print without any issues. What is the most likely reason you can’t open Google?

DNS server problem

Which one of the following TCP/IP protocols was designed as a replacement for Telnet?


Which of the following network connectivity devices operates at Layer 2 of the OSI model?


Which of the following TCP/IP protocols is connection-oriented and attempts to guarantee packet delivery?


Which TCP/IP protocol allows a user to log into a remote computer and manage files as if they were logged in locally?


Which Wi-Fi standard is the fastest, operating in both the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies?


Bob has a device that operates at 5 GHz. He is unable to connect his device to a LAN that he hasn’t accessed before, although he has verified that he has the correct password. What type of network might pose this problem?


. Which TCP/IP protocol is used to provide shared access to files and printers on the network?


What port does the Telnet protocol use?


You have just installed a wireless 802.11ac network for a client. The IT manager is concerned about competitors intercepting the wireless signal from outside the building. Which tool is designed to test how far your wireless signal travels?

Wi-Fi analyzer

Some of your network users are concerned about submitting confidential information to an online website. What should you tell them?

If the website address starts with HTTPS://, it should be OK to submit confidential information to a trusted site.

Which TCP/IP Internet layer protocol is responsible for delivering error messages if communication between two computers fails?


Which type of IPv6 address identifies a single node on the network?


What type of network covers large geographical areas and often supports thousands of users, often using lines owned by other entities?


Which TCP/IP protocol, developed by Microsoft, uses port 3389 to connect to a remote computer?


What port does the SSH protocol use?


Which of the following IP addresses is not routable on the Internet?

Which network connectivity device does not forward broadcast messages, thereby creating multiple broadcast domains?


What type of address does a router use to get data to its destination?


You have a desktop computer that is behaving erratically on the network. The wired connection will often disconnect without warning. Which tool should you use to troubleshoot the network adapter?

Loopback plug

Your company just expanded and is leasing additional space in an adjacent office building. You need to extend the network to the new building. Fortunately, there is a conduit between the two. You estimate that the cable you need to run will be about 300 meters long. What type of cable should you use?


You want to ensure that client computers can download email from external email servers regardless of the protocol their email client uses. Which ports do you open on the firewall to enable this? (Choose two.)


You are installing network cabling in a highly secure facility. The cables need to be immune to electronic eavesdropping. What type of cable should you use?


Which networking device is capable of reading IP addresses and forwarding packets based on the destination IP address?


Which network device is designed to be a security guard, blocking malicious data from entering your network?


You are manually configuring TCP/IP hosts on the network. What configuration parameter specifies the internal address of the router that enables Internet access?

Default gateway

. Which of the following devices will be found in a telecommunications room and provides a means to congregate horizontal wiring, terminating each run in a female port?

Patch panel

What type of network is most commonly associated with Bluetooth devices such as wireless keyboards, mice, and headphones, and covers a small area?


When troubleshooting a network connectivity issue, you discover that the local computer has an IPv4 address of What do you immediately know about this local computer?

It can’t find a DHCP server.

Which of the following IPv6 addresses is automatically assigned by the host when it boots and is only usable on the broadcast domain that it exists in?


You need to configure a wireless router for an office network. The office manager wants new devices to be able to automatically join the network and announce their presence to other networked devices. Which service should you enable to allow this?


You are troubleshooting a computer with an IPv6 address that is in the FE80::/10 range. Which of the following statements are true? (Choose two.)

The computer is configured with a link-local unicast address.

You have set up your web server to function as an FTP server as well. Users on the Internet complain that they are not able to access the server using FTP clients. What port should they be trying to access the server on?


Which TCP/IP protocol allows you to access data such as employee phone numbers and email addresses that are stored within an information directory?


What port is associated with the LDAP protocol?


You are configuring network hosts with static IP addresses. You have chosen to use a Class B network address. What is the default subnet mask that you should configure on the hosts?

You are installing a new network and working in a telecommunications room. You need to attach several network cables to a 110 block. Which tool should you use to perform this task?

Punchdown tool

Which of the following Internet connection types offers the fastest download speeds?


Which of the following are public IPv4 addresses? (Choose two.)

Which TCP/IP protocol uses port 445?


What rendition of SMB was used by Windows servers and NAS servers but is no longer often used?


For IPv6, which of the following statements are true? (Choose two.)

Each IPv6 interface is required to have a link-local address.

. Which network connectivity device is seldom used in modern networks, except to extend a network?


There is a TCP/IP protocol that should only be used locally because it has virtually no security. It may be used as a part of a preboot execution environment (PXE) or with thin clients booting from a network drive. It uses very little memory and is good for transferring boot files or configuration data between computers on a LAN, and it is connectionless. Which file transfer protocol is this?


Which of the following IPv6 addresses is equivalent to in IPv4?


. You are asked to perform consulting work for a medium-sized company that is having network connectivity issues. When you examine the patch panel, you notice that none of the dozens of UTP cables are labeled. Which tool can you use to identify which cable goes to which workstation?

Tone generator and probe

Which TCP/IP protocol is responsible for dynamically assigning IP addresses to client computers?


Which networking device has multiple ports, each of which is its own collision domain, and examines the header of the incoming packet to determine which port the packet gets sent to?


Which TCP/IP port will an email client use to push email to its email server?


A technician is going to set up a Wi-Fi network using standard omnidirectional antennae. Because of the building configuration, transmitting signals for the greatest distance is the technician’s primary criterion. Which standard should they choose?


You are troubleshooting an intermittently failing Cat 6 network connection. You suspect that there is a short in the connection. Which tool can you use to determine this?

Cable tester

What marks the boundary of a IPv4 broadcast domain?


Which TCP/IP protocol gathers and manages network performance information using devices called agents?


Which Internet connection type, once popular for home use, offers asymmetrical download and upload speeds and is implemented over common phone lines?


You are installing an 802.11n Wi-Fi network with five wireless access points. The access points are set up so their ranges overlap each other. To avoid communications issues, what principle should you follow when configuring them?

Configure all access points to use nonoverlapping channels.

You need to configure email settings for use with IMAP. Which port will you be configuring?


Which of the following technologies will enable you to install networking devices that need power to function, in a location that has no power outlets?


. You have been asked to install a Wi-Fi network in a building that is approximately 100 meters long and 25 meters wide. Because of cost considerations, you will be using 802.11ac. At a minimum, how many wireless access points will you need?


What two tools will you need to connect an RJ45 connector to an appropriate cable? (Choose two.)


You are installing network cabling in a drop ceiling of an office space. The ceiling area is used to circulate breathable air. What type of cable must you install?


You need to install a wireless access point in a drop ceiling where there is no access to a power source. Which technology will allow you to get power to that device?


Which of the following IP addresses is not a private address and therefore is routable on the Internet?

You are configuring a wireless 802.11ax router. The office manager insists that you configure the router such that traffic from her computer receives higher priority on the network than other users’ traffic. Which setting do you need to configure to enable this?


If you are connecting to a website that encrypts its connection using TLS, what port does that traffic travel on?


Your network is currently running a mix of 802.11b and 802.11g devices. At the end of the year, you have extra budget to upgrade some, but not all, of the wireless infrastructure. You want to upgrade to the newest technology possible but still maintain backward compatibility. Which standard should you choose?


What type of network spans multiple buildings or offices, possibly even crossing roads, but is confined to a relatively small geographical area?


Which of the following shorthand notations corresponds to the CIDR subnet mask


You are configuring hosts on a network running IPv4. Which elements are required for the computer to connect to the network?

IP address and subnet mask

You work at a tech support company and a customer called reporting that they received an error, something about a duplicate IP address. Why are they getting this message? (Choose two.)

All hosts on a network must have a unique IP address.

You’re setting up a network for a customer. The network uses a DHCP server, but the customer needs an IP address for their print server that does not change. What are two possible solutions? (Choose two.)

Manually configure the print server to have a static IP address.

Which obsolete Wi-Fi encryption standard uses a static key, which is commonly 10, 26, or 58 characters long?


You’ve been asked to set up a device that will be monitored using an SNMP agent and manager. What port will the SNMP manager use when polling the agent?

UDP 161

Because of a recent security breach, your IT team shut down several ports on the external firewall. Now, users can’t get to websites by using their URLs, but they can get there by using IP addresses. What port(s) does the IT team need to open back up to enable Internet access via URLs?


All your network hosts are configured to use DHCP. Which IP address would indicate that a host has been unable to locate a DHCP server?

You have reason to believe that several network users are actively browsing prohibited content on unsecured sites on the Internet. Which port can you disable on the firewall to immediately stop access to these websites?


Which TCP/IP protocol is designed to help resolve hostnames to IP addresses?


You need to install an Internet connection for a forest ranger outlook tower, located far away from electrical lines. Which option would be best for broadband Internet access?


Your customer will be moving their small office to a remote mountain village where there is no cable Internet access. They have heard that there is a wireless option available in the area that is faster than satellite but that requires an antenna and line-of-sight to a tower. What option have they heard about?


Which TCP/IP host-to-host protocol makes its best effort to deliver data but does not guarantee it?


What type of network is typically defined as being contained within a single office or building?


You are installing a wireless network for a small company. The management wants to have 1 Gbps or better wireless transmission rates. Which of the following standards will allow you to provide this? (Choose two.)


Which of these standards operate in both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies? (Choose two.)


What legacy network protocol allows NetBIOS-dependent computer applications to communicate over TCP/IP?


Which of the following features does not require a managed network switch?

Direct packets out the proper port

The senior network administrator struggles to configure company network devices spanning several cities. It’s a challenge because they are required to be on premises for the network infrastructure of each building. What would be a cost-effective solution?

Employ a cloud-based network controller.

What port(s) does DHCP use?


What is the maximum distance allowed between a power over Ethernet injector and the Ethernet device running on a 1000BaseT network?

100 meters

Which of the following protocols uses port 137 and 139?


When setting up a small office, home office (SOHO) network, how do the end-user devices know what IP address they need to use to connect with the network?

The NIC is set with a static address or DHCP-served

You’ve been asked to set up a wireless network for a SOHO that will only allow five specific devices to connect. How do you accomplish this?

Configure MAC address filtering.

What is the most likely way for a homeowner’s IoT devices to connect to their wireless network?


What type of communication technology is being used at a fast-food restaurant when a customer places their phone next to a device to pay for their purchase?


What communication technology allows for low-power, passive reading of a small tag or patch on an object that may be a few feet to dozens of feet away?


What type of server provides Internet access to company-provided information such as how to contact a company, products or services for sale, and other information?

Web server

A friend is showing you how they can control their thermostat at home from their cell phone while at work. What type of device do they have at home?


What server would function as a central repository of documents and provide network shared file storage for internal users?

File server

You work as a network administrator for a school district. The district is required to provide access to the Internet for students but also required to protect the network and the students from malicious network traffic and inappropriate websites. What type of server do you need to configure?

Proxy server

What type of server can host files for easy access and downloading, similar to how a web server serves web pages?

FTP server

You’re a network administrator and just added a device to your network that allows multiple users to access several printers. What have you attached to the network?

Print server

What server is used to resolve domain names to IP addresses to facilitate web browsing or locating a directory resource on the network?

DNS server

What server is accessed each time it’s necessary to challenge and validate a user’s credentials in order for the user to access a network resource?

Authentication server

What service can collect and journal all the system-generated messages produced by servers and network devices?

Syslog server

You’re configuring your phone to download and upload email. What type of server are you configuring your phone to use?

Mail server

Which of the following are connection-oriented protocols? (Choose two.)


A company wanting to monitor network traffic or host system behavior to identify suspect activity will install what type of service?


What is the primary difference between an IDS and an IPS?

IPS will actively react to suspect activity

Managing security on your growing network has become difficult, so you ask your peers what they are doing to manage their networks. They recommend a device that will allow you to manage your security in one place. What have they recommended?


A switch is overheating, and the SNMP agent is sending an SNMP trap to an SNMP manager. Which of the following are true? (Choose two.)

It is a managed switch.

Your cousin is a nature photographer, traveling the country and living in their Class A motorhome. Much of the time their motorhome is parked in a national park, but seldom is Wi-Fi available. Your cousin uploads photos from their camera to a laptop, modifies them, and needs to upload them to their publisher, various magazines, and their website on a regular basis. What is a viable networking option for your cousin?


Based on the drawing, what is the device labeled A?

Cable modem

What is the device in the image used for?

It’s a network cable tester.

You are a network administrator. Currently there is no wireless access to the business network, but the company is purchasing tablets so that employees can take their work with them as they move around the facility. What device will you install so that employees will be able to connect to the wired network with wireless devices?


Last weekend you installed and booted several more computers to be ready for Monday morning. Later Monday morning you hear from employees as they come in that they cannot log in. Their desktops don’t seem to want to connect. You investigate and find that each faulty workstation has a 169.254.x.x IP address. What might you look at next?

DHCP scope

What network segmentation technique reduces broadcast domains and provides a layer of security between users on the same network?


One of your network users must work remotely from their office on an extremely confidential project. Their team is concerned about security so they call you, the IT department head, to see what can be done. What will you set up between this network user and the company server so that the communications are secure?


Which of the following components is not typically found in a wireless LAN (WLAN)?

WLAN server

You need to configure dynamic IP addressing on your network to cut down on management time. How will you do this? (Choose two.)

Enable DHCP settings on the router.

Your network admin needs to add a computer to an IPv6 subnet. Which of the following IPv6 addresses is on the same subnet as 2601:0:0:0f:1a:308c:2acb:fee2?


Dylan is troubleshooting his IPv4 network. The network’s subnet mask is Which of the following IP addresses is not on the same network as the others?

Which of the following is a PoE standard?


Your friend has purchased a PoE device for their home. It is a type 2 device. Which of the following PoE switches will be compatible with this device? (Choose two,)

802.3at-compliant switch

Which of the following is true of an ONT? (Choose two.)

It converts fiber-optic light signals to electrical (Ethernet) signals.

Which of the following is not a benefit of software-defined networking (SDN)?

Requires a cloud-based network

Which type of WISP radio frequency has the advantages of no fees, less expensive equipment, and a wide pool of practical knowledge so help is easier to find?


You are working with your customer, a doctor’s office, to develop a network that will allow the doctor’s staff to work with their tablet PCs in any room of the office without having to worry about network cabling. What type of network will you establish for the doctor’s office?


Which of the following is a network of storage devices that a server can access as if it were a locally connected drive?


Which of the following is true of a network TAP? (Choose two.)

TAP stands for terminal access point.

What software runs on a machine where data files to be accessed are housed and controls access to those files as requested by a client?

Fileshare server

A friend is having some issues with the wireless network in their apartment dropping the connection or running very slowly. What tool can be used to determine the best channel to use?

Wi-Fi analyzer

In the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) imposes rules that govern radio communications. What is the maximum EIRP (watts) that can be transmitted in the 2.4 GHz band for a point-to-multipoint WISP connection?

4 watts

Using which Wi-Fi channels does not require that your router has Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) and Transmit Power Control (TPC) built into the router?

Channels 36 to 48

Which broadband network communications technology became more competitive with other types of service when, in 2021, the FCC ruled to include it in the Over-The-AirReception Devices Rule (OTARD), which protects the rights of those organizations to place antennas where they are needed?Which broadband network communications technology became more competitive with other types of service when, in 2021, the FCC ruled to include it in the Over-The-AirReception Devices Rule (OTARD), which protects the rights of those organizations to place antennas where they are needed?

Long-range fixed wireless

What is the host number in an IP address of and a subnet mask of


What are the three A’s employed by authentication servers?

Authentication, authorization, accounting

Which Internet appliance is used to distribute incoming traffic over resources, such as multiple web servers?

Load balancers

What type of system, consisting of both hardware and software, is used to control and monitor industrial machines and processes?


Your friend owns a restaurant and provides free Wi-Fi to their clientele. Lately they have been receiving complaints that the Wi-Fi isn’t working. It seems to work for customers already connected but not for people trying to connect. What can be configured on the router to release an IP address and make it available for other users after a couple of hours?

DHCP lease duration

What type of address is known as a DNS AAAA address?


What type of entry in a DNS record can be used for load balancing of incoming mail?


. What type of DNS record contains a list of users (IP addresses) that are authorized to send email on behalf of a domain?


What is the interface ID of the IP address 2001::1a3:f1a:308:833?


What two terms are used to identify an Internet provider that may connect to the Internet using T1 or T3 lines, or fiber optic, for example, and uses point-to-point millimeter-wave or microwave links between its towers for its backbone or to extend its service area, and point-to-multipoint wireless to provide Internet access to its customers?


Your friend is again considering the network configuration in their apartment. They’ve asked you the difference between channels on the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks that are available on their Internet connection. What will you tell them? (Choose two.)

If they are using the 2.4 GHz network, they should choose channel 1, 6, or 11 because they don’t overlap each other.

Which IEEE Wi-Fi standard is also known as Wi-Fi 6?


Study Notes

Network Installation and Troubleshooting

  • To ensure a fiber-optic cable is working properly before installation, use a tool to test the cable.
  • When a laptop can't access a website, but a phone can using a cellular connection, the most likely reason is a problem with the laptop's DNS configuration.

TCP/IP Protocols

  • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol): designed to download email, allows multiple clients to connect to the same mailbox.
  • SSH (Secure Shell): designed as a replacement for Telnet, operates on port 22.
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol): used for file transfer, operates on port 21.
  • Telnet: operates on port 23.
  • LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol): used to access data such as employee phone numbers and email addresses, operates on port 389.
  • SMB (Server Message Block): used for file and printer sharing, operates on port 445.
  • DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol): responsible for dynamically assigning IP addresses to client computers, operates on ports 67 and 68.
  • IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol): used for email retrieval, operates on port 143.
  • ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol): used to deliver error messages if communication between two computers fails.

Network Devices

  • Router: operates at Layer 3 of the OSI model, capable of reading IP addresses and forwarding packets based on the destination IP address.
  • Switch: operates at Layer 2 of the OSI model, capable of reading MAC addresses and forwarding packets based on the destination MAC address.
  • Firewall: designed to block malicious data from entering the network, operates at Layer 3 of the OSI model.

Network Connectivity

  • Wi-Fi Standards: 802.11ac is the fastest, operating in both the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies.
  • Wi-Fi Security: use WPA2 encryption with a strong password to secure a Wi-Fi network.
  • Network Cables: use Cat 6 or higher for gigabit Ethernet connections.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE): allows devices to receive power over the same cable as the Ethernet connection.

IPv4 and IPv6

  • IPv4 Addressing: a private IP address is not routable on the Internet, examples include,, and
  • IPv6 Addressing: an equivalent to in IPv4 is ::1 in IPv6, FE80::/10 is a link-local address, automatically assigned by the host when it boots.

Network Management

  • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol): used to gather and manage network performance information, operates on port 161.
  • DNS (Domain Name System): used to resolve hostnames to IP addresses, operates on port 53.

Internet Connection Types

  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line): offers asymmetrical download and upload speeds, implemented over common phone lines.
  • Wireless Internet: uses a wireless connection to access the Internet, can be used for broadband Internet access in remote areas.

Network Security

  • Encryption: use TLS (Transport Layer Security) to encrypt connections between clients and servers.
  • Firewall Configuration: open or close specific ports to allow or deny access to specific services or protocols.

Network Types

  • WAN (Wide Area Network): spans multiple buildings or offices, possibly even crossing roads, but is confined to a relatively small geographical area.
  • LAN (Local Area Network): typically defined as being contained within a single office or building.
  • MAN (Metropolitan Area Network): covers large geographical areas, often using lines owned by other entities.
  • PAN (Personal Area Network): most commonly associated with Bluetooth devices, covers a small area.

Other Technologies

  • PoE (Power over Ethernet): allows devices to receive power over the same cable as the Ethernet connection.
  • RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification): used for low-power, passive reading of a small tag or patch on an object.
  • NFC (Near-Field Communication): used for low-power, short-range communication, commonly used for mobile payments.

Test your knowledge on tools used to ensure that a fiber-optic cable is working properly before installation. Find out which tool should be used to check the cable's functionality.

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