Technology and Society Perspectives

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Quelle est la perspective dominante dans le monde moderne concernant le développement de la technologie ?

Quelle est la différence entre la perspective instrumentale et la perspective anthropologico-instrumentale ?

Quel est l'objectif de l'industrialisation de la production de la culture ?

Quel risque est associé à la technologie ?

Quelle est la principale préoccupation liée à l'approche substantielle de la culture ?


  • The text discusses the two perspectives on the relationship between technology and society: the instrumentalist perspective, which sees technology as an instrument that can be used to achieve certain goals, and the anthropologico-instrumentalist perspective, which sees technology as a neutral force that has its own norms and logic.
  • The instrumentalist perspective is dominant in the modern world, where we believe that the development of technology will always lead to greater social and economic progress. However, the anthropologico-instrumentalist perspective is more realistic, acknowledging that technology can have negative effects on society if not used responsibly.
  • Both perspectives have their benefits and drawbacks, and it is ultimately up to the individual to decide which perspective they believe is closer to the truth.
  • The industrialization of the production of culture refers to the process of making large quantities of standardized products for mass consumption.
  • The subjectivities of millions of people are subjected to the capitalist logics of marketplaces.
  • The destruction of artistic creation is a potential result of the technological development.
  • The social construction of technology is influenced by the power dynamics of relationships.
  • The principle of symmetry holds that we should pay equal attention to the failures of technological development as we do to the successes.
  • The risk of a "technology black hole" in which alternative technologies are forgotten and where modes of life and interactions with the world (culture) are associated with them, is a concern.
  • The substantialist approach to culture tends to focus on particular cases and to ignore the actors who do not access the negotiation techniques.
  • The cultural specificity or universalism of the development of technology is not addressed.
  • The focus on micro-level analysis risks privileging certain perspectives over others.


Explore the two perspectives on the relationship between technology and society, the instrumentalist and anthropologico-instrumentalist perspectives. Consider the societal impacts of technological development and the industrialization of culture production.

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