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Feudalism was developed in Europe in the middle ages based on landowning, loyalty, and power of knights on ______


Charles Martel gave estates (large farms) to nobles that fought for him, creating a new way of organizing a society that spread across Europe. When Charlemagne’s empire collapsed, landowning nobles gained the right to collect taxes and impose ______


When invaders attacked Europe, peasants or farmers couldn’t rely on ______


Europe was divided into many feudal territories where nobles were both lords and ______


Vassals were nobles who served lords of higher rank and swore an oath “to keep faith and loyalty to you against all others”. The land granted to vassal is called a fief, and this land was governed by ______


The Japan System with the Samurai and Shogun was also a feudal system. Samurai were expected to follow chivalry rules, show respect to women of noble birth, honor the church, and be ______


What role did Charles Martel play in the development of Feudalism in Europe?

He gave estates to nobles that fought for him.

Explain the relationship between Lords and Vassals in the Feudal system.

Vassals were nobles who served lords of higher rank and swore loyalty.

What were the main responsibilities of Knights in Feudal Europe?

Fighting on horseback and wearing coats of mail armor.

Describe the role of Peasants in the Manorial system.

Peasants paid fees to nobles to farm land and had to give a portion of crops to the lord.

How did Serfs contribute to the Feudal system?

Spent 3 days/week working for the lord and rest growing food, gave portion of crops to lord.

What technological advancements played a role in the Feudal society?

Stirrups for knights, water-powered mills, windmills, and crop rotations.

Test your knowledge on the development and characteristics of feudalism in Europe during the middle ages, including the roles of knights, nobles, and peasants. Learn about the spread of this new social organization system and its impact on society.

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