Feminism in Pakistan: A Historical Perspective

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Which term does Maliha Zia use to categorize feminism in Pakistan?

According to Ayesha Khan, in which phase did women leadership in Pakistan largely invest in Muslim nationalism?

What was the Women's Relief Committee, which later evolved into the All Pakistan Women's Association, formed for?

During which phase did women civil society come into confrontation with the government for the first time?

What did Fatima Jinnah do in 1965, as mentioned in the text?

How many women were reported to have been abducted and raped during the period of 1947–1952?

What did Begum Ra'na Liaquat Ali Khan request the army to train women for in Karachi?

In which year was the All Pakistan Women's Association organised?

Who became the first female Muslim delegate to the United Nations in 1952?

What did General Zia-ul-Haq initiate in Pakistan in the late 1970s?

What did the reforms initiated by General Zia-ul-Haq replace from the British-era Pakistan Penal Code?

What was one of the criminal offences introduced by the Islamisation reforms in Pakistan?

What was formed in 1981 as a reaction to General Zia's Islamisation?

Who was Pakistan's first female prime minister after the end of General Zia's rule?


Explore the history and evolution of the feminist movement in Pakistan, as outlined by Maliha Zia. Learn about the two forms of feminism in Pakistan and the three distinct phases of the feminist movement highlighted by Zia.

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