Feminism in International Relations Theory

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Enloe's question 'where are the women' encourages IR scholars to recognize the spaces that women occupy in global politics

The mass rape of women during and after the Second World War was always prosecuted as a war crime

The 2002 Rome Statute recognized rape as a war crime

According to the text, women share the same economic, political, and social rights as men everywhere

Gendered violence can manifest as domestic violence in the home or sexual violence in conflict

According to Cynthia Enloe, women are essential actors in the international system.

The mass rape of women during and after the Second World War was not initially prosecuted as a war crime.

The 2002 Rome Statute recognized mass rape as a war crime.

Feminism focuses on deconstructing the distinctions between what is considered international and what is considered personal.

Nowhere do women share the same economic, political, or social rights as men.

Green theory prioritizes high policy areas such as security, peace, and independence over environmental issues.

The rise of environmental concerns in the 1960s has increased the importance of Green Theory in International Relations.

Garrett Hardin is associated with the analogy of 'the tragedy of the commons' in relation to environmental issues.

According to Green Theory, it is impossible to maintain development or growth at the expense of depletion of resources.

Green Theory advocates for a centralized approach to address environmental issues within hierarchical organizations.


Explore the role of women in global politics and the impact of feminism on international relations theory. Learn about Cynthia Enloe's contributions to deconstructing the distinctions between international and personal and how it shapes global politics.

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