Theory of Mental Skills in Pedagogical Practice

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Какой стиль обучения предлагает американский психолог и учитель Бенджамин Блум?

Какое значение имеют электронные образовательные ресурсы для достижения целей образования?

Какие требования предъявляются к учащимся по каждому уровню теории ментальных умений?


  • To achieve effective digital tools, it is important to do it methodically and here we understand that all electronic educational resources are only means to educational outcomes with regards to the subjects. And accordingly, to select all these resources after we have determined our educational goals and results of education must be done.

  • In pedagogical practice, it is impossible to omit the theory of mental skills proposed by the American educator and psychologist, Benjamin Bloom. It contains 6 levels of learning and is widely used at all levels of education for answering the question: How well the learner has understood the material?

  • The practical application of the theory of mental skills is very important for contemporary teachers, and it is good that each level of it contains clear requirements for knowledge and skills of the students.


Test your knowledge of the theory of mental skills proposed by Benjamin Bloom and its practical application in pedagogical practice. This quiz covers the 6 levels of learning and their importance for contemporary teachers.

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