Fashion Theatre Club 'Grace'

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The fashion theatre 'Grace' is the boys' favourite school club.


The girls at the fashion theatre 'Grace' learn about designing clothes and dressmaking.


National costumes focus only on protecting the wearer from environmental conditions.


All the original meanings of separate details and elements of national costumes are known today.


One project about Russian national costumes completed by students at the school was called 'The traditions of ethnic motives in Russian national costumes'.


The presentation about Russian national costumes displayed modern clothing designs.


Match the following with their function in society:

National costumes = Show wearer's age or marital status Fashion theatre 'Grace' = Teaches designing clothes and dressmaking

Match the following with their relation to 'Grace' fashion theatre:

Girls at school = Favourite club after classes Boys at school = Learn about designing clothes and dressmaking

Match the following with their association to Russian national costumes project:

Project completion = The traditions of ethnic motives in Russian national costumes Project focus = Russian national costumes Project content = Included several women's costumes from different social layers Presentation components = Displayed colourful costumes and demonstrated musical instruments

Explore the world of fashion designing and dressmaking with the girls of the 'Grace' school club. From creating designs to showcasing them in a fashion show, witness the talent and creativity of these schoolgirls. Learn about the focus on national costumes in recent projects.

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