Family Trip to Yogyakarta

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Match the family member with their activity during the trip to Yogyakarta:

Father = Drove the car Mother = Prepared food for breakfast Sister = Packed clothes I (Narrator) = Sat in the back seats

Match the location with the corresponding time of arrival:

Uncle's house = 9 o'clock a.m. Parangtritis beach = 11 o'clock Museum = After having lunch Malioboro shopping center = During the picnic

Match the activity with the correct time during the trip:

Having breakfast = Before leaving the house Playing with sand at the beach = When parents watched Going on a picnic to the museum = After lunch Driving back to Semarang = 7 o'clock

Match the observation with its corresponding detail at Parangtritis beach:

Many foreign visitors = Indication of holiday Rough waves = Reason for not swimming Parents watching children play with sand = Activity at the beach Arrival time at the beach = Eleven o'clock

Match the feeling with the corresponding time of day:

Tired but happy = Arriving home at ten Excited and eager to start the trip = Morning Relaxed after lunch = Visiting museum and shopping center Happy to see uncle = First activity after arriving in Yogyakarta

What time did the family arrive at Parangtritis beach?

11 o'clock

Why didn't the family swim at Parangtritis beach?

The waves were rough

What did the family do after visiting their uncle in Yogyakarta?

Went to the museum

What time did the family leave their house for Yogyakarta?

6 o'clock

Why were there many tourists at Parangtritis beach?

It was a national holiday

This text narrates a family's trip to Yogyakarta, from preparing for the journey to arriving at the destination. The family members include the father who drives, the mother who prepares food, and two siblings in the back seats. Follow along their journey to Yogyakarta.

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