Factors Influencing Universal Rules of Laws in Armies

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What type of situations typically lead to problems of recognition of government?

Revolutionary changes in the political and social system

What does recognition of a state define in relation to its status in the world community?

Its membership

In what circumstances was recognition not of consequence for many well-established states?

With a long history of existence

What right do sovereign states enjoy if they are recognized by other nations?

Right to sue and immunity from suit in foreign courts

What is one important practical implication for a state once it is recognized by other nations?

Ability to enter into international agreements

Which type of states could find recognition particularly important?

Newly independent states seeking recognition

What is a key outcome regarding the validity of government acts within their jurisdiction if the government is recognized?

'Acts are generally considered valid'

What does recognition of a state allow it to do regarding its legal status internationally?

Enter into international agreements with other states

When did problems of recognition of government typically occur?

In cases of revolutionary change in the political system

What feature allows states to exercise their rights and duties once they are recognized by others?

Separate juridical personality

Explore the factors that contributed to the establishment of universal rules of laws in armies, including the impact of the Renaissance and Reformation on international and national affairs.

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