Factors Affecting Infection Prevention and Control

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Which form of communication involves vocabulary, denotative and connotative meanings, pacing, intonation, clarity, and brevity?

Verbal communication

What type of communication involves factors like postural appearance, facial expression, gestures, and eye contact?

Nonverbal communication

What term refers to all factors that influence communication?


What is the primary nursing diagnostic label for a patient with limited or no ability to communicate verbally?

Impaired verbal communication

Which phase of the nursing process involves thorough patient assessment and critical analysis of findings?


What aspect is important in the planning stage of the nursing process?

Specific and measurable goals

What does the Health Promotion Model (HPM) define health as?

A positive, dynamic state

What is the focus of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?

Understanding basic human needs

What is the main goal of the Holistic Health Model?

Promoting optimal health by considering emotional and spiritual well-being

What does secondary prevention in healthcare focus on?

Treating those who have health problems or illnesses

What is the role of motivation in learning according to the text?

Addresses the patient's desire or willingness to learn

What is the key characteristic of cognitive learning as described in the text?

Includes all intellectual behaviors and requires thinking

What is the function of a disinfection process?

Elimination of many or all microorganisms, except bacterial spores

Which factor influences infection prevention and control by compromising the immune response?

Disease process

What is the main purpose of health care-associated infections classification as 'Exogenous'?

From microorganisms outside the individual

Which route of administration involves injections into the skin's outer layer?


What describes an Idiosyncratic reaction to medication?

Unpredictable response to a medication

Which statement best defines the function of the oral cavity?

Lined with mucous membranes

What is the primary function of alveoli in the lungs?

Exchanging carbon dioxide for oxygen

Which term refers to the inability to control the passage of feces and gas to the anus?


What is the function of diffusion in the respiratory system?

Exchanging respiratory gases in the alveoli and capillaries

What is the purpose of perfusion in the cardiovascular system?

Supplying oxygenated blood to tissues

Which statement best describes pulmonary circulation?

Moving blood to and from the alveolar capillary membrane for gas exchange

What happens as the myocardium stretches according to Starling's law?

The strength of subsequent contraction increases

What are common urinary elimination problems?

Urinary retention, urinary tract infection, urinary incontinence, urinary diversion

What factors can influence urination?

Fluid intake, surgical procedures, medications, diagnostic examinations

What is the primary nutrition management approach for individuals with HIV/AIDS?

Maximizing kilocalories and nutrients, encouraging small, frequent, nutrient-dense meals

What is the function of a triple-lumen catheter?

To drain the renal pelvis when the ureter is obstructed

Which type of catheter has a 30-mL inflated balloon?

Triple-lumen catheter

What are some of the physical assessment areas related to urinary elimination?

Kidneys, bladder, external genitalia, urethral meatus, perineal skin

Learn about factors influencing infection prevention and control, including age, nutritional status, stress, disease process, and treatments that compromise the immune response. Understand different types of health care-associated infections like iatrogenic, exogenous, and endogenous infections.

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