Fabric and Yarn Production

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What is a yarn made up of?

What is the function of the weft threads?

What is the purpose of the warp threads?

What does fabric consist of?

What are the selvedges on woven fabric?

Why are yarns obtained from natural and artificial sources?

What is the defining characteristic of a plain weave?

What results from a simple twill weave?

How do the weft threads behave in a satin weave?

Which weave involves the weft threads passing over two warp threads and under one alternately?

What is the distinguishing feature of a satin weave in terms of thread behavior?

Which weave involves a pattern where the weft thread passes over one warp and under the next alternately?


Test your knowledge on the production process of fabric and yarn, including the methods of weaving, properties of fibres, and the composition of yarns. Explore the basic units that form fabrics and the sources of fibres in this quiz.

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