Exploring the Origins and Evolution of Photography

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Which of the following best describes film?

A technology for capturing images

What is the intersection of art, industry, technology, and politics in film?

The impact of film on society

How did the creation of film come about?

As an accidental discovery

Which of the following is true about film?

Film is an illusion created by filmmakers

What was a huge technological leap forward in film?

Chemicals and light

What will be discussed next in the story of film?

The first motion picture cameras

Which term describes the process of capturing moving pictures?


Which phenomenon keeps you from seeing the black spaces between frames of a projected film?

Persistence of vision

What is the illusion that lets you see a series of images in rapid succession as continuous motion called?

Phi phenomenon

What are the prefilm animation tools that used sequential images painted on the inside of a bowl or cylinder called?


Who took the first known camera photograph?

Joseph Nissefort NIEPS

What invention became the first commercially available means of taking photographs?

Degerretype process

Who invented a way of taking pictures on paper rather than metal or glass plates?

George Eastman

Who invented the world's first motion picture film camera?

Thomas Edison

Test your knowledge about the history of photography and discover the origins of the camera obscura in this informative quiz. Explore how people experimented with technology before the invention of photography and learn about the evolution of capturing images.

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