Exploring the Beauty of the Arabic Alphabet and Script

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আরবি বর্ণমালা একটি অব্যজাদ লিপি।

আরবি বর্ণমালা ২৮টি অক্ষর থাকে।

আরবি ভাষায় 'Alif' লেখা 'apple' শব্দের 'a' এর মতো শব্দ করে।

'Bā'' (ب) প্রোনামিকে 'book' শব্দের 'b' এর মতো শব্দ করে।

'Tā'' (ت) আর ২৮টি আরবি অক্ষরের মাঝে 'Y' shaped line-er symbol।

আরবি ভাষায়, 'Alif' (ا) ১২-১৫০ টাকা-১৫০।

আরবি ভাষা দ্বারা মূল অক্ষর লেখার সময় ভোয়েল এবং কন্সোন্যান্ট পৃষ্ঠের মধ্যে পার্থক্য করে না।

আরবি ভাষার 'ح' অক্ষরে 'h' এর ধ্বনি প্রকাশিত হয়।

আরবি 'ذ' অক্ষরে 'the' শব্দের উচ্চারনের মত 'th' ধ্বনি প্রকাশিত হয়।

Fatḥah (فتحة) হ'য়ে 'a' শব্দের উচ্চারনো 'a' sound-কে indicate করে।

'ظ' অক্ষরে 'zoo' শব্দের 'z' sound-এর opposite sound-টি indicate করে।

Arabic calligraphy is solely considered as an art form without any connection to the Arabic script.


Arabic: A Fascinating Look at Its Alphabet and Script

Arabic is a rich and expressive language that has captivated the world for centuries with its beautiful script and intricate alphabet. In this article, we'll explore the unique aspects of the Arabic alphabet, providing a glimpse into the culture and history of this fascinating language.

The Arabic Alphabet: A Brief Overview

The Arabic alphabet consists of 28 letters, each with its own unique shape and sound. Unlike many Western languages, Arabic is an abjad script, meaning it does not have a distinction between vowels and consonants. Instead, vowels are implied or written as diacritics (small marks added to the letters). This system may appear daunting at first, but it is actually more phonetically efficient than many other writing systems.

The Shapes and Sounds of Arabic Letters

  1. Alif (ا): The first Arabic letter is a dot underneath a straight vertical line. It sounds like the "a" in "apple."
  2. Bā' (ب): A curved line connecting two vertical lines. It sounds like the "b" in "book."
  3. Tā' (ت): A Y-shaped line. It sounds like the "t" in "table."

A full list of Arabic letters and their corresponding sounds can be found in the following table:

Arabic Letter Shape English Sound
أ ا a
ب ب b
ت ت t
ث ث th (like "the")
ج ج j (like "gem")
ح ح h (like "hat")
خ خ kh (like "kite")
د د d
ذ ذ th (like "the") with a back-of-the-tongue sound
ر ر r
ز ز z
س س s
ش ش sh (like "she")
ص ص s (like "sit")
ض ض d (like "day") with a back-of-the-tongue sound
ط ط t (like "top")
ظ ظ z (like "zoo") with a back-of-the-tongue sound
ع ع 'ayn (a glottal stop)
غ غ gh (like "golf")
ف ف f
ق ق q (like "quick")
ك ك k
ل ل l
م م m
ن ن n
ه ه h (like "hat") without the dot
و و oo (like "woo")
ى ي i (like "eye")


As mentioned earlier, Arabic does not distinguish between vowels and consonants in its basic writing system. However, vowels can be written as diacritics for clarity and ease of reading. These diacritics are added to the base letter and represent short vowels. The most common diacritics are:

  • Fatḥah (فتحة): A dot placed above the letter indicates the short "a" sound.
  • Kasrah (كسرة): A dot placed below the letter indicates the short "i" sound.
  • Dād (داد): Two dots placed above the letter indicate the short "u" sound.

The Role of Arabic Calligraphy

Arabic calligraphy is not just an art form: it is an essential part of the Arabic script. Intricate and beautifully executed calligraphy is often used to create stunning works of art that are deeply connected to the language itself.


The Arabic alphabet and script are rich with intricate details and unique sounds. Understanding and appreciating these cultural treasures can help us better connect with the world's diverse cultures and languages. Whether you're a language learner, a cultural enthusiast, or just someone interested in the fascinating world of writing systems, the Arabic alphabet and script have much to offer.

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Delve into the rich world of the Arabic alphabet and script, uncovering its unique shapes, sounds, and cultural significance. Learn about the intricate calligraphy that adorns this beautiful script, and gain a deeper appreciation for the language's rich history and connection to art.

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