Exploring Political Science and History in Social Science

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What is the subfield of history that focuses on the study of historical methods and the writing of history?

How can the study of historical political movements help us?

What type of sources are diaries, letters, and artifacts in historical analysis?

How does social science research contribute to policy making?

What interdisciplinary approach provides a deeper understanding of human behavior and social interaction?

What is political science?

Define representative democracy.

What does political participation involve?

How is history defined?

What types of data are often analyzed in political science research?


Exploring Social Science: A Peek into Political Science and History

Social science is a broad and interdisciplinary field, encompassing the study of human behavior and social interaction. In this article, we'll dive into two specific subfields, political science and history, shedding light on their role in social science and the insights they provide.

Political Science

Political science is the study of governments, political systems, and political behavior. It delves into the workings of political organizations and the behavior of individuals inside these organizations, such as political parties, legislatures, and interest groups. The field is grounded in several core concepts:

  • Representative democracy: A system of government where elected officials represent the interests of their constituents.
  • Political power: The ability to influence decisions and outcomes within a political system.
  • Policy: A course of action that a government or other decision-making body adopts in response to a particular issue, problem, or challenge.
  • Political participation: The act of engaging with the political system, such as voting, running for office, or joining a political party.

Political science research often involves the analysis of data, such as election results, public opinion polls, and legislative voting records. It also includes case studies, historical analysis, and theoretical models.


History is the study of past events and their significance. In social science, history helps us understand the origins of political systems, social norms, and cultural trends. By studying historical patterns, we can identify recurring themes and gain insight into the human experience.

History's subfields include:

  • Paleontology: The study of human evolution and the development of human societies.
  • Paleography: The study of ancient handwriting and manuscripts.
  • Historiography: The study of historical methods and the writing of history.

Historical analysis often involves the collection and interpretation of primary sources, such as diaries, letters, and artifacts. It also includes the use of secondary sources, such as books and scholarly articles.

Combining Political Science and History

Political science and history combine naturally to provide a deeper understanding of human behavior and social interaction. By studying the history of political systems and their development, we can gain insight into the roots of contemporary political issues and trends.

For example, the study of historical political movements can help us better understand the factors that contribute to the rise and fall of governments and social structures. Likewise, the analysis of political events and their outcomes can help us identify patterns and make predictions about future political trends.

The Impact of Social Science on Society

The interdisciplinary nature of social science makes it a valuable tool for understanding and addressing the challenges of modern society. By studying political science and history, we can gain insight into the roots of social problems, such as inequality, conflict, and injustice.

Social science research can also inform policy making and decision-making processes. For example, in political science, research on voter behavior can help policymakers design more effective election strategies and campaign tactics. Similarly, historical research can help policymakers understand the roots of contemporary issues and develop more informed policy solutions.

In conclusion, social science offers a rich and diverse perspective on human behavior and social interaction. By studying political science and history, we can gain a deeper understanding of the roots of contemporary political and social issues. As we continue to explore the intricacies of social science, we'll undoubtedly gain new insights and perspectives that will help us navigate the challenges of the future.


Delve into the interdisciplinary fields of political science and history within the broader scope of social science. Learn about political systems, historical events, and their significance in understanding human behavior and societal trends.

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