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True or false: Magazines like Newsweek, Reader’s Digest, Business Magazines, “Go Negosyo”, Know About Business (KAB) materials, and Small-Industry Journal offer a wealth of information and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs.

True or false: The internet can be a valuable resource for exploring and discovering potential business opportunities.

True or false: Banks and local non-government organizations often provide lists of potential businesses that can be set up in a specific area.

True or false: It is not important to determine the specific type of business when generating business ideas.

True or false: The internet only provides insights on how to strategically position a product, but not on other aspects of running a successful business.


Test your knowledge on finding new business ideas with this quiz! Explore various sources like magazines and the internet to discover a wealth of information and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. Get ready to uncover potential opportunities and broaden your entrepreneurial horizons!

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