Exploring Integrative Medicine and CAM

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Which of the following best describes Integrative Medicine (IM)?

What is the rationale behind Integrative Medicine (IM)?

Why are holistic approaches well suited to certain patients, such as cancer patients?

Which organization encourages the integration of CAM into national health care systems?

What is one of the main challenges in integrating CAM into conventional health care systems?

What are the six main areas proposed by the 'CAMbrella' project for research on CAM integration in the EU?

True or false: The WHO supports the integration of CAM into national health care systems.

True or false: Most CAM practices are evidence-based.

True or false: The 'CAMbrella' project proposed six areas for research on CAM integration in Europe.

True or false: Integrative Medicine (IM) refers to health care that uses only conventional therapeutic approaches.

True or false: Integrative Medicine (IM) aims to unite conventional and complementary therapy into a holistic approach.

True or false: There is a consensus among health care professionals about the integration of acupuncture for pain.


Test your knowledge on integrative medicine and its role in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Learn about the therapeutic relationship and how it focuses on the whole person in this informative quiz by Dr. Saud Alsanad.

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