I am not he! That's impossible!

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8 Questions

What does the author claim is impossible?

What do acts, legislation, codes, and statutes apply to?

Why may people be struggling?

What does the author claim is a misnomer?

What is the author's objective?

What does the author say about being a Canadian or American?

What does the author say about claiming to be a Canadian?

What does the author say about the jurisdiction of countries?


Challenging the Legal Fiction of Personhood

  • The speaker argues that there are two aspects to a person's identity: the being as a man and the being as a person.
  • They assert that a man cannot be both a man and a person simultaneously.
  • The legal system treats individuals as one being, a person, rather than recognizing their dual nature.
  • The speaker claims that people have tried various methods to overcome this legal fiction, with limited success.
  • They reference the Harvard Law Review, specifically page 52, which discusses the assumption that the law applies to persons unless it is impossible.
  • The speaker emphasizes that the law assumes and presumes that individuals are persons, and that proving this assumption false is difficult.
  • They argue that this situation creates an impossible scenario for individuals seeking to challenge their personhood status.
  • The speaker highlights the distinction between what is true and false and what is possible and impossible.
  • They explain that their goal is to establish that it is impossible for them to be a person, rather than proving something false or true.
  • The speaker suggests that reclaiming one's securities or challenging personhood has been attempted in court, but establishing the impossibility of personhood is crucial.
  • They state that there is no single process or method to reclaim one's securities, but rather multiple paths and approaches.
  • The speaker emphasizes the importance of individuality and critical thinking in navigating the legal system and reclaiming one's rights.


Discover the Truth: Can a Man Be Two Beings? Take this quick quiz to test your knowledge and discernment on the concept of human duality and the possibility of being two beings at once. Challenge your beliefs and explore the limits of human existence in this thought-provoking quiz.

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