Exploring Electronic Paper: A Macro Perspective

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What is the primary focus of Michiel de Boer's (aka Posy) work?

Exploring the hidden aesthetics and inner workings of everyday objects and images

What technique does Posy use to examine electronic paper displays?

Extreme close-ups

What does the film aim to uncover about electronic paper?

The exquisite patterns and fascinating technology that underpins it, and why it fails to match real paper

What is the primary reason given for electronic paper's failure to match traditional ink and paper?

The lack of exquisite patterns and fascinating technology underpinning electronic paper displays

What type of artist is Michiel de Boer (aka Posy)?

Both a filmmaker and a photographer/artist specializing in macro photography and digital effects

What is the purpose of the warning at the beginning of the film?

To warn viewers that the film may contain rapidly flashing images that could be distressing to photosensitive individuals

Learn more about electronic paper and its intricate patterns through the captivating lens of macro photography. Discover the visual artistry of Dutch filmmaker Michiel de Boer (Posy) as he unravels the beauty and limitations of everyday objects.

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