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What is the main characteristic of folk dance?

Which terms are used to emphasize the cultural roots of the dance?

Which type of dance is not considered a folk dance?

What is the main difference between folk dances and other types of dances?

Which dance is not an example of European folk dance?

What are international folk dance groups?

What are Balfolk events?

Which region has its own unique folk dances such as tamang selo, lion dance, and fan dance?

Which dance is not an example of South American folk dance?


Folk Dance: A Summary

  • Folk dance reflects the life of people in a specific country or region.
  • Ritual dances, such as religious dances, are not considered folk dances.
  • The terms "ethnic" and "traditional" are used to emphasize the cultural roots of the dance.
  • Folk dances are often ethnic dances.
  • Folk dances are not governed by any institution and are not competitive.
  • European folk dances include sword dances, Scottish highland dance, and modern western square dance.
  • Certain folk dances are shared by several countries, such as some Serbian, Bulgarian, and Croatian dances.
  • International folk dance groups exist in many countries and allow dancers to learn folk dances from various cultures.
  • Balfolk events are social dance events in Western and Central Europe.
  • East and Southeast Asian countries have their own unique folk dances such as tamang selo in Nepal, the lion dance in China, and the fan dance in Korea.
  • South American folk dances include the tango in Argentina, the marinera in Peru, and the joropo in Venezuela.
  • African folk dances include the kizomba in Angola, the bikutsi in Cameroon, the azonto in Ghana, and the takamba in Niger.


How much do you know about folk dance? Take this quiz and discover the variety of dances that reflect the cultural roots of different countries. Test your knowledge on the differences between ethnic, traditional, and ritual dances, and learn about international folk dance groups and social dance events. From European sword dances to African kizomba, this quiz will expand your understanding of the vibrant world of folk dance.

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