Exception Handling in PL/SQL

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What keyword is used in PL/SQL to explicitly generate an exception?


What action is specified within the EXCEPTION block in PL/SQL?

Handling exceptions

In the given PL/SQL code, what will happen if the value of 'crno' is greater than 3?

An exception will be raised

What does 'dbms_output.put_line' do in PL/SQL?

Outputs a message to the screen

Which data type is used for 'sno' in the PL/SQL code snippet?


What does the 'RAISE invalid_total;' statement do in PL/SQL?

Generates a user-defined exception

What is the purpose of the 'set serveroutput on;' statement in PL/SQL?

Enables output display

Why is 'Total number of courses cannot be more than 3' displayed in the output?

'crno' was set to 5

Learn about handling exceptions in PL/SQL, including common errors like DUP_VAL_ON_INDEX, PROGRAM_ERROR, and ZERO_DIVIDE. Practice with an example code snippet for exception handling in PL/SQL.

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