Examination Reforms in Secondary Education

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What areas should facilities for technical and vocational education cover, as per the text?

What is the primary goal of examination reforms according to the text?

When should new universities be opened according to the text?

What is the structure of education recommended by the Commission?

According to the Commission, how many languages should students in schools learn?

What is the emphasis of the Commission in relation to the curriculum?

What is the ultimate objective of the educational structure according to the text?

What is the purpose of developing games and sports on a large scale according to the text?

What should be given the same status as full-time education according to the text?

Who should be actively involved in organizing literacy campaigns according to the text?


Explore the major goals of examination reforms in secondary education, focusing on improving reliability and validity of examinations, and making evaluation a continuous process. Understand the significance of helping students improve their achievement levels rather than simply certifying their performance at a specific moment in time.

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