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What is the term used by Taylor to describe broadcast media in the internet age?

What does live streaming refer to?

What characterized the early internet culture in the 1990s known as cam culture?

Which platform, launched in 2007, initially allowed users to stream their lives 24/7 but later evolved to focus on gaming content?

What is the process of capturing content such as video or screenshots directly from a specific platform called?

According to TL Taylor, what contributed to the emergence of contemporary live streaming?

What concept does platform capture refer to?

In which year did Twitch become the leading platform for live streaming of video games, esports, and other content?

What is Valve known for in the gaming industry?

According to TL Taylor's frameworks, how does 'Esports as a game' framework differ from 'Esports as media entertainment' framework?

What is the primary function of Twitch bits in relation to streamers and viewers?

What does 'long tail' economics refer to in the context of digital platforms?

What was the original purpose of Justin.tv when it was launched in 2007?

How does Valve's Steam platform contribute to the gaming industry?

What is the key feature of an online platform in the context of digital products?

'Esports as a sport' framework emphasizes which aspects compared to 'Esports as a game' framework?


Test your knowledge of the evolution of broadcast media in the internet age with this quiz covering terms like networked broadcast, live streaming, and cam culture. Explore how broadcasting has transformed in the digital era.

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