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What is the purpose of cosmetic labeling in the Philippines?

To provide information for consumers to make informed choices

What information must be included in cosmetic labeling according to the text?

Instructions/Directions for use

According to ASEAN regulations, what is included in Annex II of the ASEAN Cosmetics Directive?

List of banned substances in cosmetics

Which document provides a list of substances that must not form part of cosmetic products?

ASEAN Cosmetics Directive

Why do cosmetic manufacturers need to comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)?

To guarantee manufacturing conditions meet set standards

In what order should the list of ingredients be arranged on cosmetic labeling?

Descending order by weight

What was the main purpose of implementing the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive?

To harmonize cosmetic regulations among member states

Which of the following is NOT an advantage of the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive?

Limitation of consumer choices

What is a requirement under the ACD Safety Requirements regarding product safety?

Gathering necessary technical information by the manufacturer

What must a manufacturer do to comply with the ACD Safety Requirements for product safety?

Conduct component or finished product evaluation for safety

What is included in the Product Information File (PIF) according to the text?

Administrative documents and product summary

Who is responsible for keeping the Product Information File (PIF) for each cosmetic product?


What details must the applicant declare if the company responsible for placing the cosmetic product in the market is a distributor?

Country of Manufacture, Address, and Contact Details

What does 'Establishment Information' refer to?

Details of the manufacturer and/or supplier of the notified cosmetic product

Why should the details of the person representing the local company be stated in the application?

To facilitate communication with regulatory bodies

How should botanicals and extracts of botanicals be identified in the cosmetic product?

By specifying their genus and species

What must be done if ingredients in the cosmetic product have restrictions for use as specified in the annexes of the ASEAN Cosmetic Directive?

Declare their functions and percentages

What do guidelines for manufacturers aim to provide assistance with?

Avoiding errors in labeling products

What does Annex III of the cosmetic regulations list?

Substances cosmetic products must not contain

Which list specifies the colouring agents allowed for use in cosmetic products?

Annex IV

What is the purpose of Cosmetic Product Notification?

To declare technical information about a cosmetic product to be marketed

How long can the validity of the notification under Cosmetic Product Notification be?

3 years

What does Annex VI of the cosmetic regulations list?

Preservatives that cosmetic products may contain

Which aspect of a cosmetic product does Intended Use refer to?

Function or use of the product

What does 'Palette(s) in a Range of One Product Type' refer to?

A range of colors available in a series of palettes for one product type

Which situation describes 'Combination Products in a Single Kit'?

Similar and/or different products packed and sold together in a single kit

What is required for the components of kits like 'make-up kit of eye and lip colors' to be sold separately?

The components must notify separately

Who can be the 'Local Company Responsible for Placing the Cosmetic Product in the Market'?

Local manufacturer or agent appointed by a manufacturer

What must the applicant for notification have to state in the application according to the text?

The LTO number of the company responsible for placing the cosmetic product in the market

Why must components of kits be notified separately?

To ensure proper labeling and tracking of each component

Test your knowledge on the specific lists of substances, colouring agents, preservatives, UV filters, and cosmetic product notification requirements outlined in the EU Cosmetic Regulations.

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