Etymology of Literature

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What distinguishes prose from poetry?

Greater irregularity and variety of rhythm

Which term means a straightforward written or spoken language without metrical measurement?


What defines a fairy tale more than the presence of a fairy character?

Magical setting

Which type of story is built on patterns with strong central themes and repetition?

Cumulative Tale

What defines a legend?

Usually not true stories about famous events or people

'Cumulative Tales' are known for their:

'Central theme and a LOT of repetition'

What is the defining characteristic of Noodlehead Tales?

They lack common sense.

What is the typical word range for short stories according to the text?

1,000 to 10,000 words

Which literary form is characterized by an account of day-to-day events?


What is the main purpose of a literature review?

Analyzing and interpreting literature

Who is considered the central character in a conflict in a story?


What does the term 'plot' refer to in prose?

The sequence of events in the story

Explore the origins of the term 'Literature' derived from the Latin word 'Littera', and its significance in the world of written works. Learn about the different types of literature, including prose, and delve into the etymology and definitions associated with this field.

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