Ethics in Information Technology Lecture 5

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15 Questions

What is one of the public concerns about the ethical use of information technology?

Who is often left to make important decisions regarding ethics in information technology?

What is required for IT professionals to carry out their work effectively?

What is expected of IT professionals in terms of their work?

What is a characteristic of the profession of IT workers?

What should general business managers do regarding ethical dilemmas in IT?

What is the main purpose of whistle-blowing?

Which trade group represents the world's largest software and hardware manufacturers?

What does the Business Software Alliance (BSA) aim to stop?

What challenges can trade secrets present for IT workers and their employers?

What is the primary aim of whistle-blowing as mentioned in the text?

What is the major aim of IT workers enforcing policies regarding trade secrets?

What is the objective of the Business Software Alliance (BSA)?

Why are IT workers involved in relationships with society at large?

What aspect of work relationship do IT workers agree on before accepting a job offer?


Test your knowledge of professional ethics in information technology with this quiz based on lecture 5 material. Topics include public concerns about ethical use, such as email and internet monitoring, downloading, unsolicited content, hackers, cookies, spam, identity theft, and plagiarism.

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