Epistemology in Philosophy

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What is epistemology concerned with?

Who were the first philosophers in the Western tradition?

What did Heraclitus emphasize for knowledge of reality?

What did Parmenides stress for knowledge of reality?

Who was chiefly responsible for the emergence of doubts regarding knowledge of reality in the fifth century BCE?

What came under critical examination for the first time during the fifth century BCE?

Who can be said to be the real originator of epistemology?

What did Gorgias claim about reality?

According to Protagoras, what is the measure of all things?

What distinction did Democritus draw between properties of things?

How does epistemology differ from psychology?

What was the main concern of the Sophists regarding human knowledge?

According to Plato, where is knowledge generally found?

What did Protagoras believe about appearances?

What was the main goal behind the beginning of epistemology?

What was Democritus's view on certain properties attributed to things?

What is the view of empiricism?

Who are the three major empiricist thinkers discussed?

What does Hume's philosophy of mind begin with?

What are the two categories Hume divides our mental representations into?

What distinguishes impressions from ideas in Hume's philosophy?

What movement in the twentieth century is heavily indebted to Hume's Empiricism?

Which of the following is true about memories?

What guides the imagination in generating new ideas from old ideas?

How does the text describe a priori reasoning?

What does Hume's Empiricism lead to?

What does Hume aim to do with his rigorous Empiricism?

What does Hume's Empiricism result in, according to the text?

What does a priori reasoning reveal?

What is the role of imagination apart from generating new ideas?

What does the association of cause and effect lead to, according to the text?

What does our ability to understand matters of fact depend entirely on, according to the text?


Explore the branch of philosophy that deals with the nature and scope of knowledge, its presuppositions, and the reliability of claims to knowledge. Delve into the historical perspective and the transition from pre-Socratic philosophers to the development of epistemology.

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