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What makes enzymes different from most other catalysts?

They are highly specific

Which of the following is true about enzyme inhibitors?

They decrease enzyme activity

What is the main effect of enzyme activators on enzyme activity?

Increase activity

Which statement is true about enzyme catalysis?

Enzymes make reactions occur many times faster than usual

What is a common feature of enzymes in terms of reaction specificity?

They exhibit high specificity with few side products

How can the activity of enzymes be regulated?

Through cofactors and inhibitors

What is the reason behind the unusual amino acid composition of collagen being unsuited for alpha helices or beta sheets?

The high content of Glycine and Proline

Which amino acid residues make up approximately 30% of the residues in collagen?

Glycine and Proline

How are the hydroxylated amino acids in collagen synthesized?


In which protein structure are long stretches of Gly-Pro-(Pro/HyP) commonly found?

Collagen triple helix

What type of secondary structure is predominantly observed in myohemerythrin?

Alpha helix

Which type of proteins show structural diversity reflecting functional diversity?

Globular proteins

What are some denaturants that can lead to protein unfolding?

Temperature, pH, organic solvents

Which denaturant is commonly used in chemical denaturation of proteins?


What is the main factor contributing to thermal denaturation of proteins?

Increase in temperature

Enzymes accelerate chemical reactions by:

Lowering the activation energy

Enzymes are typically named based on:

The reaction they catalyze

The suffix -ase is usually added to enzyme names based on:

The name of the substrate or type of reaction

Test your knowledge on enzymes, catalysts that can greatly accelerate chemical reactions. Learn about enzyme specificity, factors affecting enzyme activity, inhibitors, activators, and their impact on biochemical processes.

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