Enzyme Inhibition and Clinical Significance Quiz

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What is the result of a substrate being converted into a product at an accelerated rate in an enzyme reaction?

Which type of enzyme inhibitors act only on one enzyme or a small group of enzymes?

What is the characteristic of irreversible inhibitors?

What is the main goal of most drug therapy based on enzyme inhibition?

Which model describes how an enzyme undergoes a conformational change to optimally interact with the substrate?

Which type of irreversible inhibitor is considered unsuitable for therapeutic purposes?

What is the main characteristic that distinguishes competitive inhibitors from noncompetitive inhibitors?

Which type of inhibitor binds to a site away from the active site, causing conformational changes in the enzyme?

What does an increase in plasma concentrations of enzymes indicate?

Which inhibitor competes for the active site with the substrate and can be reversed by increasing the substrate concentration?


Test your knowledge about enzyme inhibition, clinical significance of enzymes, and normal enzyme reaction. Learn about the substrate binding to the enzyme, enzyme-substrate complex formation, and the induced fit model.

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