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What is the term for a 5°C per 1000 m increase in altitude of troposphere?

Environmental lapse rate

What does nitrogen get oxidized into?

Nitrates and nitrites

What do the words 'oikos' and 'logos' mean?

Houses and study of

What are earthworms and bacteria called in the context of ecosystems?


What is the region where fresh water meets salt water called?


Study Notes


  • The most stable ecosystem is a forest.


  • Forests reduce soil erosion.
  • They provide recreational opportunities.
  • They contribute to economic development.

Types of Coal

  • Lignite, bituminous, and anthracite are different types of coal.

Environmental Impacts

  • An example of the impact of development activities on the hydrosphere is water pollution.


  • The study of trends in human population growth and prediction of future growth is called demography.

Water Conservation

  • Methods of water conservation include:
    • Rainwater harvesting
    • Improving irrigation efficiency
    • Avoiding water waste
  • Groundwater extraction is not a method of water conservation.

Ozone Formation

  • Ozone is formed through a photochemical reaction.

Atmospheric Science

  • The drop in air temperature at a rate of 6°C/km is a key atmospheric phenomenon.

Test your knowledge of environmental studies with this multiple-choice quiz. The questions cover topics such as ecosystems, forests, types of coal, and environmental conservation.

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