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Which of the following best defines eutrophication?

Filling up of water body with aquatic due to extra nourishment

What does biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) mean?

Dissolved O2 needed by microbes to decompose organic waste

Which of the following is the main component of photochemical smog?

Oxides of nitrogen

How does deforestation generally affect rainfall?

Decreases rainfall

What does the term 'Alpha diversity' refer to?

Biodiversity within a specific habitat

Study Notes


  • Eutrophication is the process of excessive nutrient accumulation in water bodies, leading to overgrowth of aquatic plants and depletion of oxygen, causing harm to aquatic life.

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)

  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) is the amount of dissolved oxygen needed by microorganisms to break down organic matter in water.

Photochemical Smog

  • The main component of photochemical smog is ground-level ozone, a toxic gas formed through the reaction of sunlight, nitrogen oxides, and volatile organic compounds.

Deforestation and Rainfall

  • Deforestation generally decreases rainfall, as forests absorb and recycle water, and their removal disrupts the water cycle, leading to reduced precipitation.

Alpha Diversity

  • Alpha diversity refers to the variety of different species within a particular community or ecosystem, measuring the richness of species in a specific area.

Test your knowledge on Environmental Studies with this model MCQ quiz. Answer questions on topics like eutrophication, biodiversity, and sustainable development. Each question carries 2 marks, so make sure to choose the correct alternative for maximum score.

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