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How is the atmosphere defined in the natural environment?

The air that covers the earth is known as the atmosphere, and it contains gases like oxygen, N2, H2, CO2, H2O, etc. It is essential for living organisms.

What is the lithosphere according to the text?

The soil component of the earth is called the lithosphere, and it includes four main layers: crust, mantle, outer, and inner layer.

What is the definition of environment according to the text?

Environment is defined as the sum total of water, air, land, and the inter-relationships that exist among them and with human beings, other living organisms, and materials.

What does the hydrosphere include?

The hydrosphere includes the ocean, lakes, streams, surface water, water vapor in the atmosphere, and water in the form of ice.

What does the biosphere contain?

The biosphere contains living organisms that interact with the environment, including air, water, and land.

Test your knowledge of environmental studies and natural resources with this quiz. Explore the definition of the environment, its components, and the inter-relationships that exist within it. Gain insights into water, air, land, and their interactions with human beings and other living organisms.

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